Internet is a competitive marketplace and unless your website features on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), you are missing out on lucrative business opportunities. Of the millions of people, who search for information on products and services online, 90% click on links on the first page of SERP. Optimizing your website, so that it ranks higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, will dramatically increase the traffic to your site.
At SEO Service Corporation, we understand how search engines works. To begin with, we provide a comprehensive website audit report to help you understand and evaluate the SEO requirements for your website. We will help you create a comprehensive internet marketing strategy by integrating SEO. We will target all possible search criteria relevant to your website, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, industry-specific vertical search engines, etc. We will conduct an in-depth relevant keyword research based on what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by your targeted audience.
We employ both on-site and off-site SEO tactics to ensure that your website features on the first page of Google SERP. We have invested in years of research and experience in SEO techniques and tools to stay ahead of the search engines. We will position your website to not just draw a large organic traffic but to convert them into buyers of your products and services.
Based on your specific business requirement, we have the expertise to offer a combination of few or all of the following techniques in SEO.

How SEO Works ?

1. Keyword Research


  • Analyzing keyword sets for the  vertical.
  • Analyzing head, torso and tail segments based on 3rd party tools including Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker and internal analytics.
  • Creating a “go to” keyword document that cements the foundation for all future SEO projects and recommendations – referred to as Keyword-URL mapping document.
2. Competitor Research


  • On Page analysis of competitor sets and best in class SEO sites.
  • Link analysis of competitor sets and best in class SEO sites.
  • Work closely with Client’s business teams to integrate their competitive leaning.
3. Technical & Advanced SEO


  • Create and deliver technical site audit report.
  • Analyze existing platform and architecture strengths and weaknesses from an SEO standpoint.
  • Launch and deliver an information architecture project that includes:
    • Navigational Analysis & Recommendation
    • URL structure
    • 301 redirects and canonical tags
    • Crawlability & Indexing Issues
    • Sitemap Strategy
  • Providing strategy recommendation to create advanced interlinking modules within the site – these include:
    • Related Searches
    • Product recommendation engines
    • Micro-formats implementations
4. Content Analysis


  • Content Strategy
    • Analyze current content across all pages and deliver a content strategy that increases traffic to and engagement on existing pages.
    • Ideation for new content pages creation.
    • Work closely with content teams of Client to evangelize the importance of SEO and share best practices.
  •  Title & Meta Tag Recommendations
    • Based on keyword analysis, we would create unique and meaningful title & meta tags for each page on your website using SEO best practices
5. Link Building

Like we trust a good reference from a reliable source as an assured mark of quality, a search engine algorithm considers quality links to a website from popular, relevant and reliable websites as a mark of quality and hence will rank such websites higher. Linkbuilding is an integral part of the SEO strategy.
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6. Executive Communication (Reporting)


  • Reporting
    • Analyze and benchmark current reporting for SEO.
    • Create specifications for reports that are needed by the Client’s marketing team to benchmark performance.
    • Deliver monthly reports for link building and rankings for core SEO initiatives.
  • Executive Communication
    • Assist with creating documents and monthly decks for the Monthly review.
    • Regular touch-points with stakeholders.