Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC or Pay per Click, also known as cost per click, is an internet marketing model where an online advertiser pays an internet publisher, when their ads on publisher’s website are clicked. PPC advertisements are those sponsored banner or text ads that appears in either SERPs or various websites. These ads can be contextual, behavioral or retargeted ads, which appears to your targeted audience. An effective PPC campaign can give you instantaneous and widespread visibility in prime webpage real estate.  But as they cost you valuable dollars every time someone clicks on them, it becomes imperative to micro-manage each step to avoid bleeding.
We at SEO Service Corporation shall help you optimize your campaigns to optimum efficiency. We shall help you set-up, manage and track a cost-effective campaign which will be ROI +ve. Following are the services we can provide:

  • Keyword Selection: Keyword selection and keyword match selection is the key to an effective campaign. It is the make or break factor of any successful campaign. We shall conduct a thorough keyword research to get better conversions.
  • Structured Campaign: A structured and organized hierarchy goes a long way for a properly optimized campaign. A structured campaign allows for proper testing and higher quality scores.
  • Ad Copy Analysis: A good ad copy can drive amazing click through. We can help you create ad copies to pass selective message to entice your targeted audience, which will result in a better click through.
  • Landing Page Optimization:  An optimized landing page plays two-pronged role of increasing quality score, which ultimately results in lowering costs as well as driving conversions.
  • Testing and Experimentation:  We have seen that when we brain storm on a certain ad copy or a creative or a landing page, we can come up with many ideas. As SEO Service Corporation is a strict data driven company, we don’t leave anything to guess work. We believe in testing all our good ideas through A/B or Multivariate testing.
  •  Measuring and tracking : We understand that each businesses have different objectives, so we  measure and track our campaigns based on your specific business needs rather than on  fixed KPIs
  • Budget Management: We don’t want our clients to miss out on any business opportunity for budgetary constraints. Therefore after running a test campaign for a few days, we fix a cost per acquisition (CPA) which is cash positive for the client. They can scale up their business through this CPA model. We have seen this strategy work wonders for both our clients and us, as our clients are not constraint by any budgets, and leaves us scope for upscaling and earning more.
  • Bid Management: We perform active bid management to reduce wasted spend and to keep your return on investment (ROI) on a positive side.
  • Retargeting & Behavioral Targeting : We can help you target your potential customers based on lookalike targeting or behavioral targeting or retargeting your existing visitors to increase conversions.
  • Advanced PPC management: We do a number of advanced campaign management like implementing ad extensions, day/hour parting, running search query report (SQR) to find keyword opportunity, using Dynamic Ads in text, search as well as remarketing campaigns, keyword bucketing based on Clickthrough rates(CTR), Cost per Acquisition/Conversion (CPA) and/or quality score, etc.