Google Penalty Reversal Service

Understanding Google Penalty
Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis to maintain the quality of its searches and to keep ahead of people who wants to game the system. Over the last years, Google has become very aggressive in terms of its quality of results. The rolling out of Google Panda and Penguin has drastically affected the traffic of a major percentage of websites that are dependent on organic traffic. The severity of these penalties depends on which penalty has hit you.
The most telltale sign that you’re hit by a Google penalty is, if your organic traffic takes a sudden beating, almost as if it fell off a cliff or if you’ve received a Google Webmaster tools warning against a manual action. However, an even bigger problem is that Google won’t inform you majority of the time. Even if you are hit by a minor flag, you have no way of knowing what has hit you. Moreover, some of the activities, which were once considered best practices or major movers of SERP ranks, are now the cause of penalty. This has left many site owners confused – What to do? How to remove the penalty? How to get back in the rankings?
We can help you over-come your worst nightmare. Following are the broad steps of our Google Penalty Reversal Service:

  • Comprehensive Google Penalty Audit
  1. Full on-page analysis for any sign of over-optimization
  2. Complete Content analysis for both internal or external duplicate issues
  3. Technical Audit of site for hidden content or doorway issues
  4. Complete Inbound link analysis for any link building malpractices
  • Non-organic Link Removal Service
    1. Non-organic links is the primary cause of Google Penguin penalty. We can help you reach-out to these sites and request for removal. We can help you file Disavow request and help you submit reconsideration or reinculsion request with proper detailed sheet of due diligence done, which helps in faster removal process.
  • Branded & Non-branded Link Dilution Service
    1. The imbalance between branded and non-branded links can also lead to exact match keyword based penalization. We can help you dilute the link graph through ethical link building services.
  • Link Reclamation Services
    1. Many quality links are lost over time due to many changes/updates that occurs in your sites, which results in a poorly linked profile. We can help you reclaim these quality links and get back to your best days.
  • Professional Copywriting Service
    1. We have a team of excellent copywriters which can pitch in for your content needs from writing ethical title/meta tags to blog managements, product descriptions, etc.
  • High Quality Link Building Service
    1. Panda and Penguin has made quality link building very painful but we are proud to mention that this is one of our greatest strength. We can help you create a very powerful and ethical portfolio of quality links, which will boost your website ranking in no time.